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I’m locked out of my Online Account. What can I do?
Reference Number: AA-02408 Views: 15352 Last Updated: 2016-03-31 14:15

Please note: IronKey x250 models do not create an Online Account that you can login to at as all account activities are initiated via the device itself.

Your IronKey Online Account uses a number of security precautions to protect your account information, including an "Account Lock" feature. This feature can be triggered by too many failed password or secret question attempts, or other suspicious behavior. Note that when your account is locked there are only two ways to unlock it:

Follow the directions in the email you receive from IronKey, which involves entering an Unlock Code.

  • You must have access to the registered email address for your Online Account in order to receive the Unlock Code.
  • Mobile Security employees cannot change the registered email address.

Log directly into from within the IronKey Control Panel on your IronKey device.

If you have forgotten your online password, click on the Reset Your Password link found on

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