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How do I automatically log into my Online Account with Internet Explorer?
Reference Number: AA-02438 Views: 13816 Created: 04-06-2012 11:31 AM Last Updated: 11-24-2014 12:51 PM 0 Rating/ Voters

If you prefer to use the local Internet Explorer rather than the onboard Firefox web browser, you can modify your IronKey preferences so that it will use Internet Explorer by default. Here is how:


From the IronKey Control Panel click Settings > Applications and uncheck the box for Use onboard Firefox as default browser. 

(For S100/x200 click Settings > Preferences and uncheck the box for use the onboard Firefox as the default browser.)


Now when you click on the Online Account button in the IronKey Control Panel, it should open Internet Explorer and automatically log you into


*Please note that since Internet Explorer is not a portable browser, you web history, cookies, etc. will remain on the local computer and not be securely stored on your IronKey drive.

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