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How can I configure my D200 or S200 IronKey to work behind a proxy server?
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Important:  The following information applies to D200 and S200 devices only:

(S250 and D250 Proxy settings are managed through your local Web Browser and not in the Device Control Panel.)


Sometimes your IronKey needs to communicate over the Internet, such as when you use the onboard Firefox web browser to surf the Web. If you are using a computer that connects to the Internet through a proxy, you may need to edit the Network Settings on your IronKey so it can also reach the Internet.


Here is how you can update your IronKey's Network Settings:

  1. Plug your IronKey in and unlock it, launching the IronKey Control Panel.
  2. In the IronKey Control Panel, click "Settings".
  3. In the Settings sidebar. click "Network Settings" If you already have Firefox open, you will be prompted to close Firefox so that any changes will take effect.
  4. Enable "Configuration Script" or "Manual Proxy". These settings will depend on your network (You can obtain this information from your company's IT Helpdesk or Network Administrators).
    -Configuration Script: Input the URL for the PAC file location on your network.
    -Manual Proxy: Input the necessary proxy information, including the IP address and port number. 
  5. If the proxy requires it, check the box for "Enable Proxy User Authentication", and fill in the user ID and Password. 
  6. Click on "Management" to save the changes and return to the Application List. You may need to lock your IronKey and unlock it again for the settings to take effect.


*If you do not know your proxy information, your IronKey may be able to automatically pull it from your Windows settings with the "Use System Settings" option.

*You can also try "Direct Connection" to bypass any proxies.


Mac Control Panel 2.0 and greater:

The Network Settings options are now identical on the Mac platform. The only difference is the type of connection is selected from a drop-down menu, instead of radio buttons (as in the Windows version of the Control Panel).

*Networking capabilities are not available for devices prior to version 2.0. You can verify your version by going to the "IronKey" > "About IronKey" menu on the top of your screen.

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