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How do I restore my lost IronKey's data to a new IronKey?
Reference Number: AA-02582 Views: 13094 Created: 04-11-2012 06:54 AM Last Updated: 11-25-2014 06:42 AM 0 Rating/ Voters

One of the most appreciated IronKey features is the ability to restore backed-up data to a new IronKey. Here are the steps to do that: 

  1. After initializing your new IronKey with a password, you should bind it to your existing account, by clicking on the "Activate Now" button, clicking on the "Existing User" button, and logging into with your online username (or email) and online password. 
  2. Then you are ready to restore the backed-up data to your IronKey. In the Control Panel, open the Secure Backup application, select the "Restore from My Computer" tab, and select the backup folder where you backed up your old IronKey's data. 
  3. If you only want to restore certain files, select those files in the area designated for that, then press "Restore Now". You may be prompted for a password, which is needed to decrypt your files. This would be the device password from your old IronKey. 
  4. To restore your Identity Manager data, click on "Identity Manager" in the Application List, click the arrow next to the "Backup" button, then click "Online restore". Since you have more than one IronKey associated with your account, a window will appear asking for which IronKey's passwords you want to restore. Select your old IronKey and input the device password for that IronKey.

You now have successfully restored your IronKey to a new IronKey.

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