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What is the backup manifest file and how do I resolve problems with it?
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The encrypted backup manifest (IKSecureBackup.ikmfst) and key (IKSecureBackup.ikk) files are used to specify the directory structure and credentials of the backup file set. These files are located at the root of the backup file set and may be hidden on your Windows system. Therefore to see the files you may need to enable "Show hidden files and folders" and disable "Hide protected operating system files" in your Folder Options Control Panel. The following Microsoft article describes these options in detail:

A backup file set cannot be restored unless the associated key file is maintained with it. The Secure Backup application no longer requires the manifest file to restore your backup file set (As of version If the key file is not available to the backup file set, or it has become corrupted, then the restore attempt will fail, generating an error message:

"Could not find any backup-related information in the selected folder. Please make sure to select the root folder and not a subfolder. Also, the folder must not contain files that were not originally backed up by your IronKey."

IMPORTANT: When moving your backup file set, be sure to include the manifest and key files with it.

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