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IronKey Workspace v4.2 - Firmware v3.0.5
Reference Number: AA-02707 Views: 11692 Last Updated: 2016-03-24 16:02

Upgrade IronKey Workspace v4.2 to Firmware v3.0.5:

The following firmware upgrade for IronKey Workspace W500/W700 (v4.2) devices provides enhancements to the boot process. Follow these steps to upgrade your device firmware to 3.0.5.

1. Download these two files and read the upgrade instructions:

               Firmware 3.0.5 Upgrade Instructions (pdf)
               Firmware v3.0.5 (exe)

2. With the host computer running, plug in your IronKey Workspace device and double-click the IKUpgrade_v4.2_to_firmware_v3.0.5.exe file to start the upgrade process. 

3. Follow the instructions on-screen. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If your device is currently at v4.1, you must update to v4.2 before applying the v3.0.5 firmware upgrade (see instructions here).

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