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IronKey D80 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Reference Number: AA-02733 Views: 6294 Last Updated: 2016-03-31 13:09

How do I find the serial number for my IronKey D80 device?

The IronKey D80 does not have a serial number printed on the device.


What Operating System does the IronKey D80 support?

The IronKey D80 is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP SP3+, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, and Macintosh OSX 10.5+.


What are the available capacities for the IronKey D80?

The IronKey D80 is available in a 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB configuration.


How fast is the IronKey D80?

Max Read: 24 MB/second*
Max Write: 10 MB/second*

*Performance speed will vary depending on product capacities.


Can I manage the IronKey D80’s with IronKey Enterprise Services or any version of Server?

The IronKey D80 devices cannot be managed and are designed to be standalone, offline-only devices.


I forgot the password for my IronKey D80, how do I reset the password?

The IronKey is designed to be the world's most secure flash drive. Without the password, the data on the device is not accessible.

If you don’t recall your password, click the Show Hint button to see a clue about your password. You can also click the Show Password check box to view the password characters as you type them.

If the Password Hint window prompt is blank, this means a password hint was not entered.  

Important: If you type the wrong password, you have an additional 9 failed password attempts (10 attempts in total) before the device will automatically reformat the memory space and erase all user data stored on the device.


How can I reset the IronKey D80 back to factory defaults?

The IronKey D80 will reset itself back to factory defaults after the tenth incorrect device password attempt has been exceeded. Once the device has been reset, and when you next try to use it, you will be prompted to re-initialize it. Note that all data will be erased.


The Device application does not start automatically when the operating system recognizes the device, what do I do?

If Autorun does not automatically start the Device application, double-click the IronKey.exe file from the root directory on the application partition.

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