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Windows to Go FAQs
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What versions Windows To Go devices can be managed using Ironkey's Device Management Service or Server?
The W500, W700 and W700-SC can be managed with your existing Service account or Ironkey Server version 5.2 and Server version 6.0 to manage the W700-SC.  Note: W700-SC can only be deployed as a Managed device. It is not supported in Stand-alone mode.

Can I use Windows To Go devices as portable storage devices?
WTG devices are not designed to be used as traditional portable storage devices. We recommend reviewing our portable storage solutions from the following link:

When I try to access my WTG device it tells me that it is not initialized. How can I initialize the device?
To successfully configure and deploy WTG W500 and W700 devices, you need to download the Admin Unlocker and Control Panel tools to start the initialization process. For the tools and instructions, please send an email to

Why do I receive the message that I am missing an Ironkey component?
If you are missing an IronKey component it is likely that you did not install the IronKey Control Panel to your Windows To Go image (WIM file).

Is Windows 10 supported with Windows to Go devices?
Yes, Windows 10 is supported. You can follow the existing Windows 8 procedure to install Windows 10 however you need to be on a Windows 10 Enterprise system.

Where can I access documentation and tools to install and configure my Windows to Go device?




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