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How can I create a SCSI device for my IronKey decrypted volume on RHEL 4.4 OS?
Reference Number: AA-03193 Views: 8133 Created: 05-15-2019 01:44 PM Last Updated: 05-15-2019 01:44 PM 0 Rating/ Voters

If you are running older versions of Linux such as Red Hat RHEL 4.x, and using the newest firmware on your IronKey devices, the wrong ID string can get acquired by the system.

If you are attempting to create a SCSI device for the IronKey's decrypted volume and the message "IronKey device names are cd: /dev/scd0 hdd: <unknown>" appears, you can do the following:

  1. Enter, as root:   echo 'IronKey:CD-ROM:0x6002' >> /proc/scsi/device_info 

  2. Unplug and re-insert your IronKey device. The Unlocker should now work and continue to do so until you restart your computer. 

  3. If this solution works, you can add the line to the appropriate startup script so it persists after a restart.

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