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How do I completely erase my IronKey model S100, S200, D200, S250, D250, S1000, H300, or H350 to give it to another person?
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There are four areas of information that you want to "wipe clean" before giving your IronKey device to someone else:

  1. Secure Files Volume: This is the data portion of the device that becomes unlocked after you enter the password and it stores your personal data. You can erase all of your personal data simply by unlocking the IronKey and formatting the Secure Files Volume by using any method you choose such as via Windows Explorer, Mac Disk Utility, or the IronKey Control Panel. Note: if you have data you want to retain copy it to your local hard drive or create a Secure Backup that you can use with a second IronKey via the IronKey Control Panel Secure Backup tool.

    IMPORTANT: A reformat of the Secure Files Volume may leave data accessible via some data recovery software tools.  You can use third party software to securely erase all data preventing data recovery.  A Google search for "secure data deletion" will return many results for free software tools as well as for purchase software tools allowing you to securely erase all data to prevent any data recovery.

  2. Identity Manager Bookmarks and Logins*: You can erase all of your bookmarks and logins by selecting Identity Manager > Edit > Delete All. If you have Bookmarks Logins that you want to retain, then make an online copy via the Identity Manager Online Backup option (Identity Manager > Backup > Online Backup) and you can use a second IronKey associated with this Online IronKey Account to restore the Bookmarks and Logins to the second IronKey (Identity Manager > Backup > Online Restore). Alternatively, you can create an XML copy by following the instruction set shown here: KBA AA-02645.

  3.*: This is the online backup storage for your device's password, Identity Manager Bookmarks and Login information. It also contains a setting for your email address. The Username and Password used for accessing the online storage is set for the account, but you cannot actually view this information.

    If you have only a single IronKey device assigned to the account, then, after you have deleted your Identity Manager Bookmarks and Logins, it is only a matter of updating the email addresses assigned in the account to the new owner. Do this by unlocking the device and going to the online account via the IronKey Control Panel. On the My Account tab select the Update profile option, and then click on the Edit button to update the Primary and Secondary email addresses. Make sure the new owner knows the Secret Question and Answer of the Account Settings tab.

    If you have multiple IronKeys assigned to the account, then it is best to mark the device being given away as Lost in your account so the Lost device will not have access to the Identity Manager data of your other devices that you intend to keep. Note this will also make the Lost device not have access to the account so none of the onboard applications that need an account will function (e.g. Identity Manager, Secure Sessions, Firefox or lost password help). You can mark IronKeys as lost by clicking on the I Lost This IronKey button for the particular device you are giving to someone else.

  4. Device Password: This is the password needed to see the data on the device. You can change the device password by selecting Settings > IronKey Password and entering the current and new password. You will then tell the new password to the person receiving the device.

* Not available on Basic model or some Enterprise models due to the policies enforced onto the device by your IronKey Enterprise Management system administrator.



This requires that your Basic device be running build version and higher. Verify your build number by reviewing the information here: KBA AA-02419.

The Reset will wipe the Secure Files Volume, but you may wish to use a third party software tool to securely erase the data as described in Step 1 at the top of this knowledge article before proceeding with the Reset.

  1. Insert and unlock the IronKey.
  2. Go to the Password section of the Control Panel.
  3. Enable the device reset function.
  4. Click the "Lock Drive" button and remove the IronKey device.
  5. Reinsert the IronKey and launch the unlocker.
  6. Type an incorrect password 3 times. You will be asked to unplug the IronKey and then plug it back in.
  7. Reinsert the IronKey and launch the unlocker.
  8. Type a fourth incorrect password. You will now have the option to Reset Device via the warning message.
  9. Click on Reset Device and you have now erased the flash memory and have reset the device to factory defaults.
  10. Next time the device is plugged in the new owner will be asked to set up a password.

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