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"Unsupported Device" with IronKey on a Mac
Reference Number: AA-03300 Views: 28570 Created: 2019-05-15 15:55 Last Updated: 2019-05-15 15:55 0 Rating/ Voters


After trying to launch the Unlocker on a Mac, you encounter the message stating "Unsupported Device".

You may see an alternate message stating "Incorrect password entered - You have 0 more attempts remaining before your IronKey will permanently self-destruct."  Your device has not self-destructed.


This has been attributed to a CD/DVD being inserted in the Mac. Eject and Remove the CD/DVD and then launch IronKey Unlocker.

Other causes include the following:

  • Encryption software
  • Filevault
  • Anti-virus or security software
  • External hard drives (especially Western Digital)
  • CD/DVD buring software suites such as Toast
  • Jawbone software

This error also appears when attempting to use the device on Mac OS X version 10.8. Please view this Knowledge Base article.

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