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I'm missing data or Windows continuously wants to scan and fix files on my IronKey Secure Files Volume. What can I do?
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Please note that this article is referring to the S100, S200, D200, S250, D250, S1000, H300, and H350 models. For IronKey F100/150/200 and H100/200 see the following article: I'm missing data on my IronKey or Defender device. What can I do?

There are several steps below which may correct the issue.  Please note, these procedures apply to a Windows environment only and the examples show an XP/Vista/W7 operating system. Please consult with your specific operating system instructions if using a different operating system.

A) CHKDSK - "check disk"


First we will attempt to perform a "check disk" on the Secure Files Volume.

  1. Insert and unlock your IronKey.
  2. Open My Computer, and remember the drive letter for the "IronKey Secure Files" volume. If you are not sure which one this is, look for the IronKey Launcher, and the IronKey Secure Files volume is likely to be the next drive letter in sequence to the IronKey Launcher (it may also be labeled as "Removable Disk").
  3. Click on the Windows Start menu.
  4. Click on "Run..." (keyboard shortcut: WINDOWS BUTTON + R).
  5. Type in "CMD" and press enter on your keyboard.
  6. From the command prompt window, type in "CHKDSK" and then the IronKey secure files drive letter, and then /F/R/X.

    For example, if the IronKey Secure Files drive letter is G, you would enter:
         CHKDSK G: /F/R/X   (there is one space between G: and /F/R/X)

    If a message appears stating files are in use on the volume and it needs to force a dismount, type 'y' and press 'enter' on you keyboard to continue.

    This will perform a "check disk" on the IronKey Secure Files volume, and look for any corruption problems.

  7. Lock your IronKey, then unlock it and try accessing the Secure Volume.
If after performing these steps, you are still experiencing the same issues with your Secure Files Volume, please proceed to Steps B if you do not need to attempt data recovery and C if you prefer to attempt data recovery (once data recovery attempts are complete or exhausted, then return to Step B). If at this time your drive is performing normally, please disregard the following steps.

B) Reformatting the Device

This operation will format all your Secure Files Volume data (Identity Manager data will remain intact).  **Please note that sometimes it is a requirement to reformat the device before data recovery software will work (see Step C); however, you may try data recovery software both before and after reformatting if you do not have a backup of your data.


Depending on the level of corruption, you may need to use different formatting methods, listed here in order:

  1. From the IronKey Control Panel, select Reformat Secure Volume.

  2. If #1 fails, from My Computer right-click on the Secure Files Volume and select Format. In the Format window set the File System to FAT32 and make sure Quick Format is *not* checked. Click OK/Format/Start to begin the format operation.

  3. If #2 fails, use a low-level format program reformat the Secure Files Volume. HDD Guru Low Level Format Utility and HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool are both free to use and can be downloaded by doing a web search.

C) Recovering the Data

If you've used the IronKey Secure Backup utility provided with your device, you may skip this step and proceed to Step D.

It may be possible to retrieve the data from the device using third party disk recovery software.  Here is a list of some options you might want to consider:

You may use whatever tool you prefer - we don't have any products that we recommend.  Please note that we cannot provide any support for data recovery software.

D) Your Device Is Ready!

Once you have completed the above, you are now able to use your device normally. If you've used and backup utility, you may now restore your data or you may simply copy new files to your device.

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