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Reference Number: AA-03476 Views: 8892 Created: 05-21-2019 01:00 PM Last Updated: 05-21-2019 01:00 PM 0 Rating/ 1 Voters

Basic devices with IronKey software version 2.0 and later have the ability to be reset instead of self-destruct. If the "Reset the device instead of self destructing" box was not checked and 10 password attempts are exceeded, the drive will permanently lock and you will no longer be able to use it. If the check box was checked then only data is lost but drive can be used again. You will know if it set to reset or self destruct by the warning you will receive when putting in the wrong password two times.  

Please note: this feature must have already been set within the IronKey Control Panel. Without unlocking the device there is no way to enable this feature. So after 10 failed consecutive password attempts, the device will either reset or permanently self-destruct, based on this setting.

There is no way for Technical Support to reset, restore your drive, or access the data. Our apologies. 

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