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Error Code or Network Error 35 - Internet connection could not be established
Reference Number: AA-03526 Views: 2105 Created: 05-21-2019 03:49 PM Last Updated: 05-21-2019 03:53 PM 0 Rating/ Voters

An "Error Code: 35" An Internet Connection could not be established message might appear because of the following.

1. While attempting to check for device software updates. 

2. By security software such as anti-virus applications, proxies, and firewalls. 

3. Can also happen if while during a password reset you interrupted the process such as disconnecting the drive or breaking the internet connection such as unplugging the ethernet cable.  

Possible solutions include: 

1. Verify the Network (Proxy) Settings on the IronKey device. In IronKey Control Panel click Settings > Network Settings. Direct Connection and Use System Settings are the most common settings, but some networks (usually in a corporate environment) require the usage of an automatic configuration script or manual settings. 

2.White-list " * " in your security software or hardware. Each product follows different steps to accomplish this task, and can be found in your security product's user guide.

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