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1 What are the Vendor ID & Product ID (VID/PID) numbers for Ironkey Mobile Security Products?

Product IDs Vendor Model VID PID IronKey S1000 Basic 0x0718 0x1013 IronKey S1000 Enterprise 0x0718 0x1014 IronKey F100/M500 0x0718 0x0681 IronKey F150/M550 0x0718 0x0680 IronKey F200/MXP Bio 0x0718 0x0682 IronKey H100/Stealth HD 0x0718 0x2221 IronKey H200+Bio/Stealth…

2 IronKey Workspace - Compatibility Information

Where may I get information regarding compatibility for the IronKey Workspace products? The following Microsoft link provides information regarding hardware compatibility for Windows To Go (WTG): Windows To Go Hardware Considerations

3 Windows To Go (WTG) Power Options – No Hibernation Available

Microsoft’s Windows To Go (WTG) for Windows 10 no longer provides “Hibernation” as a power option. Users may be tempted to use “sleep” mode as a low power option for WTG. However, the effect of using sleep mode could be as follows: If the host system…

4 IronKey Workspace - Device Temperature

Why does the IronKey Workspace device seem to generate more heat than a standard flash drive? There are a couple of reasons why this may occur: USB 3.0 device may get warmer as USB 3.0 uses higher wattage than USB 2.0. Windows-To-Go devices have a much higher…

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