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71 S/D250 - Error Code or Network Error 35 - Internet connection could not be established

An "Error Code: 35" An Internet Connection could not be established message might appear because of the following. 1. While attempting to check for device software updates. 2. By security software such as anti-virus applications, proxies, and firewalls. 3.…

72 Can you import Identity Manager from a S/D200 device?

Unfortunately no because drives go through a different set up process during initialization. So drives therefore are not linked.

73 How to change online Secret Question and Answer

Log into your drive and click on the Settings button. Click on Account button and then on Manage Account Settings button. This will take you to my.ironkey website. Click on the My Account tab and then on Account Settings. Click on Edit

74 Identity Manager unable to connect when you click on one of your online accounts

This may happen if you have Secure Sessions enabled. On the bottom right hand corner of your browser, look for a dark grey icon with a key and a circle. Click on it so that it says "off".

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