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41 Does the IronKey have WHQL Certification of Microsoft ?

No, the IronKey device does not have WHQL certification from Microsoft. The drivers used are standard USB drivers provided by the Windows operating system, so we do not have a driver that needs to be digitally signed by Microsoft.

42 Is the IronKey waterproof?

IronKeys have been designed to be waterproof to military standards, ensuring that your data is protected not only from unauthorized users but also from the elements. The IronKey is laboratory certified to be waterproof to MIL-STD-810F.

43 How can I create a SCSI device for my IronKey decrypted volume on RHEL 4.4 OS?

If you are running older versions of Linux such as Red Hat RHEL 4.x, and using the newest firmware on your IronKey devices, the wrong ID string can get acquired by the system. If you are attempting to create a SCSI device for the IronKey's decrypted volume…

44 IronKey Compatibility with Guardian Edge Disk Encryption Software

There are known compatibility issues between Guardian Edge Disk Encryption software and IronKey devices. This can manifest itself in different ways depending on which software version is being used on the host computer. You may receive an "Error 1347" message.…

45 How can I change volume drive letters in Windows XP?

If you need to change the drive letter for your IronKey in Windows XP, perhaps because of a drive mapping conflict with another device or network drive, do the following: Click the "Start" button and right-click on "My Computer". Select "Manage" in the pop-up…

46 FIPS validation number

If your company requires a copy of IronKey's FIPS validation certificate, it can be found at the following URL: (Note: This linked file is not hosted by IronKey, and the link has been…

47 Should an IronKey device be defragmented to keep it running well?

You should not need to defragment your IronKey device. A spinning disk (e.g., a hard disk) should be defragmented to prevent the read/write head from having to manually move to a different location on the platter to retrieve data. This improves performance…

48 How can I change the drive letters for my IronKey?

If you're in a corporate environment where you have multiple network mapped drives, changing the IronKey drive letters may prevent future conflicts. Here's how you can change the drive letters for the IronKey Unlocker and IronKey Secure Files volumes. Plug…

49 Ironkey Personal S250 / D250 Datasheet

IronKey Personal S250 / D250 Datasheet

50 Ironkey Personal S250 / D250 Datasheet

IronKey Personal S250 / D250 Datasheet

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