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21 IronKey Response to USB Vulnerability Report

IronKey Response to USB Vulnerability Report USB Vulnerabilities Exploited – IronKey Customers Protected! January 5, 2010 1. What is the news relating to a hack of NIST-certified USB Flash drives with hardware encryption? On January 4, 2010, it was widely…

22 Where can I find the source code to programs on the IronKey?

IronKey uses open source software from a number of vendors and individuals. Anyone who has purchased an IronKey has received hardware, software and access to services that are built upon open source software subject to the GNU GPL, BSD, Mozilla Public, and…

23 S200 & D200 - Updating Your Registered Email Address At

To update your e-mail address associated with your IronKey Online ( Account, please follow the steps below. Remember in order to do this, you have to log into your account from the IronKey Control Panel. You cannot make these…

24 How do I restore my lost IronKey's data to a new IronKey?

One of the most appreciated IronKey features is the ability to restore backed-up data to a new IronKey. Here are the steps to do that: After initializing your new IronKey with a password, you should bind it to your existing account, by clicking…

25 What is the backup manifest file and how do I resolve problems with it?

The encrypted backup manifest (IKSecureBackup.ikmfst) and key (IKSecureBackup.ikk) files are used to specify the directory structure and credentials of the backup file set. These files are located at the root of the backup file set and may be hidden on your…

26 How do I back up my IronKey data?

You can create an encrypted backup of your IronKey's data onto your local computer. That way, if you ever lose your IronKey or accidentally delete important files, you can safely restore them to a new or existing IronKey. To back up your IronKey, follow these…

27 When performing a backup, I keep getting an error about the file length?

Windows has a character limitation (255) on the total length of a filename (including the directory) and if you happen to be saving to your desktop, this will create long directory even before you backup any files to folder. For example: C:\Documents and…

28 A simple walk through on backup/restore

Being a new user to the IronKey, there may be a little confusion using the Secure Backup feature of the IronKey. Before backing up your complete IronKey drive, perform a simple test. Create a Folder in 'My Documents' called *Test Backup* Launch Secure Backup…

29 How do I restore data to my IronKey?

If you ever need to restore files to your IronKey, perhaps because it was accidentally erased or you lost your IronKey, follow these simple steps: Plug your IronKey into your computer and unlock it. In the IronKey Control Panel, click on "Secure Backup".…

30 Tutorial - Getting Started

Tutorial - Getting Started

31 Tutorial - Get Device Version

Tutorial - Get Device Version

32 Tutorial - Backing up Your Files with IronKey's Secure Backup Software

Tutorial - Backing up Your Files with IronKey's Secure Backup Software

33 Tutorial - Restoring Backed up Files to Your IronKey with IronKey's Secure Backup Software

Tutorial - Restoring Backed up Files to Your IronKey with IronKey's Secure Backup Software

34 Tutorial - Changing Your Device Password

Tutorial - Changing Your Device Password

35 Tutorial - Reformatting the IronKey's Secure Volume

Tutorial - Reformatting the IronKey's Secure Volume

36 IronKey Video Tutorials

General Tutorials Identity Manager Tutorials Updating your Ironkey Back up and restore your Identity Manager data Forgotten Password Automatically log into web accounts Getting Started Automatically log into applications Get Device Version Import passwords…

37 User Guide - x200 & x250 Devices

Ironkey Basic D200 / S200 Ironkey Personal D200 / S200 Ironkey Enterprise D200 / S200 Ironkey Basic D250 / S250 Ironkey Enterprise D250 / S250

38 IronKey D200 and S200 - Software Update

Models: D 200 and S200 Basic, Personal & Enterprise Device size: 1 GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB Software Version: Firmware Version: 2.0.13 Build Date: December 9, 2013 Release Description: This release contains the following new features: Support…

39 Features not supported in MAC and Linux Environments

The following applications are available ONLY for Windows operating systems: Onboard Firefox Secure Backup Virtual Keyboard IronKey Identity Manager

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