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21 Login to a Defender Drive

How many users at a time can login to the Defender device? While a Defender F100, F150 and F200 can be configured for multiple users, only one user can login to the device at a time. The last authenticated user will be considered a logged in user.

22 Defender Drives on Mac Computer

Are the Defender drives supported on a Mac computer? Yes, the F100, F150, and F200 are fully supported on Intel based Mac platforms running OS X 10.5 and up. For Mac OS X 10.6 and OS X 10.7, a firmware update may be needed, for early devices. Contact support…

23 Disable the Encryption Software on a Flash Drive

If the encryption of data is not needed, can it be disabled on a Defender drive? The objective of the Defender family of drives is security of the data stored. The F100, F150, and F200 employ FIPS 256 bit hardware encryption to accomplish this. There is no…

24 Defender Drive Shows as "Locked"

When connecting a Defender flash or hard disk drive, it shows as "Locked." When a Defender product is connected to the computer, the writable drive will appear as "Locked" until a successful login operation is completed. This will be true for the Defender…

25 FIPS Certificate Number for Defender Devices

What is the FIPS Certificate Number for the Defender Devices? Below is the link for the F100, F150, and F200+Bio drives. Simply scroll down to cert # 1269? If additional information for these…

26 Versions and Compatibility of Defender F100, F150 and F200

What operating systems support the Defender F100, F150 and F200 flash products? What is the current released version of software and firmware? The compatibility of the Defender series of flash drives is dependent on the software used for logging in to the…

27 Drive mapping issue with Windows 10

When you connect a device to a Windows 10 machine, no drives are mapped in “File Explorer” Cause: Automount is disabled on the Windows 10 system. Fix: Enter ‘diskpart’ in the “Search the Web and Windows” dialog box. Launch the diskpart command…

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