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1 IronKey F200 Datasheet

IronKey F200 Datasheet

2 Support for the McAfee Anti-Virus Add-On

Whom may I contact when an issue arises with devices that use the on-board anti-virus scanner? When to contact IMS Technical Support: Client receives errors when trying to update DAT files from the McAfee Server. Anti-Virus licensing issues. DAT files will…

3 Accessing Product Documentation for MXI and Defender branded devices

How do I access the product documentation for MXI and Defender branded devices? The documentation is available in the application partition of the device. Steps: Connect the device. Open Computer (My Computer). Open Application Drive (shown as CDROM Drive).…

4 Windows continually wants to scan and fix files on the the PRIVATE Volume after unlocking

This message typically means that Windows may have detected some file corruption on the PRIVATE volume of the drive and wishes to scan the drive as a precaution. First we will attempt to perform a CHKDSK on the PRIVATE volume. If the data on the drive is…

5 How to resolve "The ACCESS Enterprise Server is currently unavailable" when personalizing a device.

When you connect a device and attempt to personalize, the device will automatically try to connect to an ACCESS Enterprise Server (AE Server). This is due to the devices being pre-configured at the factory to look for an AESERVER. If AE Server does not exist,…

6 Ironkey Defender Drive states that "The image on this device does not contain a proper End User License Agreement"

If you get an error message "The image on this device does not contain a proper End User License Agreement", that may indicate that the unlocker application is unable to communicate with the LOCKED volume. Typically when this happens, you are unable to launch…

7 User Guide - Access Standard

Ironkey ACCESS Standard User Guide MXI ACCESS Standard User Guide

8 I'm missing data on my IronKey or Defender device. What can I do?

Please note, for IronKey Basic/Personal/Enterprise see the following Knowledge Base article: I'm missing data on my IronKey Secure Files Volume. What can I do? There are several steps below which may correct the issue. Please note, these procedures apply…

9 ACCESS Enterprise - Benefits and Supported Products

What is ACCESS Enterprise and what benefits result from its use? What products are supported? ACCESS Enterprise is a software package that offers a managed deployment of Defender devices, F100, F150, and F200. Benefits are: Control device configurations and…

10 Login to a Defender Product on Mac when Device Removal Message Appears

Why does the “Device Removal” message appear during bio-metric Logon on my Mac machine? For the Defender products, if the Mac happens to be polling the USB bus at the time of the bio-metric Logon operation, this message may appear. Simply close the window…

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