Updated Tools for Kingston Branded W700 drives


You will need to be running Windows 10 Enterprise or Windows 8.1 Enterprise. This procedure is for a single, non-managed and managed drive. In step 12, please do not select Managed. Doing so will require that you Re-commission the drive if you want to manage it later.

NOTE: If your W700 drive is labeled Ironkey by Imation, these tools will not be compatible. If your drive is labeled Ironkey by Imation, please send a request to tech support for the proper tools and instructions.  

NOTE: If PC is running Windows 8.1 Enterprise then the WIM file MUST be Windows 8.1. If the PC is running Windows 10 then the WIM can be Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. Please make sure your pc is not set to go on sleep or hibernation mode as step 22 will take a few minutes.

1. First you need to create and prepare the WIM file that you will need for step 4.  We do not provide this file. Please contact your IT department or Microsoft for this file.  

2. Download the Ironkey Control Panel 4.3.2 and Admin Unlocker 4.3.2 from this link. https://kingston.sharefile.com/d-sadfc87aea8a4572a

3. Double click on the Ironkey Control Panel Installer 4.3.2 folder

4. Run the IKControlPanel Installer. DO NOT RUN Installer Live


5. Browse to the WIM image you want to install the ironkey control panel to. This step will take a few minutes.  


6. Once step 5 is complete you will receive this message. Click OK. Click on Exit on the above screen.  

Next, you now need to initialize the W700 drive.  

7. Insert drive. If drive automatically opens, you may close it.  

8. Double click on AdminUnlocker 4.3.2 folder that you downloaded back on step 2.

9. Run AdminUnlocker

10. Click on Initialize.  

11. Enter a password and check End User License Agreement. Click on Continue. 

12. Click on Unmanaged and click Apply 


Now you will need to install the WIM file onto the drive.  

13. Click on OS Partition. The screen on next step will automatically come up.

14. Enter your password and click on Unlock

15. Click on Exit.

16. Go to Windows Control Panel and run the Windows To Go tool. 

17. Select Kingston Ironkey Secure USB Device and click Next.  

18. Click on Add Search Location to browse for your WIM file you installed the IK control panel to from step 5. 

19. Once your WIM file is selected, click on Next. 

20. Do Not choose to install Bit Locker as this may create conflicts with the built in encryption of the Ironkey drive. Click on Skip. 

21. Click on Create. 

22. This step will take a few minutes and even longer depending on the size of your WIM file.  

23. Choose NO for the boot option. Click on Save and Close.  

24. When finished, unplug drive. Now you need to check the OS install.  

25. Re-Insert drive and double click on AdminUnlocker 4.3.2 folder that you downloaded.

26. Run AdminUnlocker 

27. Click on Check OS  

28. Enter your password. 

29. Click on Continue. 

30. Click on Deployment Mode. This will lock the image so that user cannot modify it.  

31. Click on Apply. 

32. Final screen. Click on Exit. 

You are now ready to boot from the drive.

***For Managed drives*** 

Once the above steps have been completed and you need to manage the drive, please unplug it and replug it and unlock it with the password. Open the Admin unlocker and click on Manage. Follow the rest of prompts to complete the management process. Drive will now be in a Managed state.