Can I unlock two IronKeys at the same time?


While you cannot have two IronKey Control Panels running at the same time, you can terminate the IronKey.exe process of one drive (leaving the secure volume still open), and then plug in and unlock the other drive.

To do this:

  1. Unlock one IronKey (IronKey #1).
  2. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del and go to the Task Manager.
  3. Terminate the IronKey.exe process.
  4. Plug in the other IronKey (IronKey #2) and unlock it.
  5. In Windows Explorer, copy and paste the files between drives as needed.

When you are done, remember that it is important to lock each IronKey before disconnecting:

  1. Lock IronKey #2 and unplug it from the USB port.
  2. Run IronKey.exe from the IronKey Unlocker volume of IronKey #1.
  3. Lock IronKey #1.